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About Us

Merseyside Society for Deaf People (MSDP) was established in 1864 to address the many barriers and inequalities experienced by Deaf People.

We seek to help Deaf People, Deaf-Blind people and those who are Hard of Hearing to achieve a full, active and influencing role in mainstream society. This includes accessing the services and career prospects they desire, without barriers to hinder their development and contribution to society.

We operate both as a Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee and our work focuses on the following services:

  • Social Care
  • Support Services
  • Duty drop-in sessions
  • Environmental Aids Assessments.

We have also provided specialist training in British Sign Language and Deaf Awareness for over 25 years. The new e-learning platform that we have created draws on this experience. The revenue generated from this online course will be used to further our charitable aims.

You can find out more about our current work and our long history by visiting the
main MSDP website: