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Deaf Awareness e-learning for everyone

Option 1: General Deaf awareness e-learning module

Most people do not have have regular contact with D/deaf* people in their work or home lives, so may not have considered the challenges they face on a daily basis. This module aims to bring these challenges to light and also offer solutions, which participants can put to immediate use. 

MSDP has been delivering face-to-face Deaf awareness training for over 25 years, and this e-learning has been created by consolidating the key points. It has been designed by a team of D/deaf people who have lived experience of being D/deaf, along with other members of the Deaf community.

The e-learning is interactive and engaging, and will provide participants with a solid understanding of the challenges faced by people with hearing loss. It will also provide participants with the tangible ways to make changes and improvements in their own lives.

*Deaf with a ‘big D’ refers to people who are part of the Deaf community and consider being deaf as part of their culture, and are usually born deaf. Whereas deaf with a ‘little d’ refers to people who have developed deafness later Iife and consider themselves as part of the hearing community. This is why you will see D/deaf throughout our website, and is something you will cover during the course.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of D/deafness, the challenges D/deaf people face and improvements that can be made. Perhaps you have a family member that is gradually losing their hearing, or a new friend at work that has hearing loss.
  • People who work in a customer/client facing role who would like to understand the challenges that D/deaf people face, to ensure that their workplace is welcoming and accessible. This could include people who work in a shop, library, estate agents…anywhere!
  • People who would like to improve the working environment for D/deaf members of staff, by ensuring that colleagues are aware of the actions they can take to improve communication.

Will I receive anything for completing the course?

You will receive a certificate of completion, with a group option available if a team of people complete the e-learning and they would like to display the certificate in their office. 

We also have a downloadable badge, which can be displayed on your LinkedIn or email footer, on a website, or on display in the office or window.


The cost is dependant on the number of users that require access to the training.

£25 per user

10% discount

15% discount

Contact us for a quote

How to access

  • Log in to our online system and access the training through your browser.
  • Pay instantly online.
  • Pay for one licence or multiple licenses in one transaction.
  • Manage multiple learners through a dedicated portal.
  • Try our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Get in touch for a quote
  • Discuss access to the SCORM file. Decide on the licence duration (12 months, 24 months etc)
  • Purchase via invoice
  • Receive the file and drop it into your LMS.

Try our full or half day face-to-face Deaf awareness course. You can take part at our head office in Liverpool or enquire about joining us remotely over Zoom.

This course is suitable for people who have not undertaken any previous Deaf Awareness training, as well as those who have completed our online Deaf Awareness course. Send up to 16 members of staff to us, and they could become Deaf ambassadors for your organisation. Meet our Deaf trainers and see how they work with their Access to work BSL interpreters, and test your lip reading skills in these interactive and fun workshops.

You can also take one of our Signature accredited British Sign Language courses in Liverpool, or we can point you in the direction of a provider in your local area.

Head Trainer at MSDP – Ian Cockburn