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Deaf awareness for the health & social care sector

Option 2: Deaf awareness for people working in healthcare

This module covers everything in Option 1, with an additional comprehensive section specifically created for the Health and Social Care sector. 

The content has been carefully curated from a number of sources, including input from our trainers, case studies from the MSDP Community Engagement Team about barriers D/deaf* people face in healthcare situations on a regular basis and workshops run with their D/deaf community to gain first-hands accounts. We have also been actively gathering the experiences of services providers for many years, and have also gathered a lot of useful information whilst conducting Accessibility Building Audits in healthcare settings. 

*Deaf with a ‘big D’ refers to people who are part of the Deaf community and consider being deaf as part of their culture, and are usually born deaf. Whereas deaf with a ‘little d’ refers to people who have developed deafness later Ilife and consider themselves as part of the hearing community. This is why you will see D/deaf throughout our website, and is something you will cover during the course.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • People working in a patient/client-facing role in a health and social care setting, for instance in a hospital, pharmacy, care home or in the community.
  • Anyone working in a health and social care environment that provides information to patients/clients i.e. a secretary that arranges appointments or sends out information. 
  • Anyone working in a health and social care environment who may have In-direct contact with deaf people, for example a medical secretary or administrator. 

Benefits for health & social care providers

  • Staff that are better equiped to deal with patients/clients with a hearing loss, and provide the same high quality care to everyone 
  • Tangible improvements to healthcare settings to improve accessibility in areas where patients/client access e.g. GP waiting room, hospital department reception, pharmacy, lounge in a care home etc. 
  • Better awareness of requirements under the Accessible Information Standard, Equality Act 2010 and BSL Act 2022

Will I receive anything for completing the course?

You will receive a certificate of completion, with a group option available if a team of people complete the e-learning and they would like to display the certificate in their office. 

We also have a downloadable badge, which can be displayed on your LinkedIn or email footer, or on a website, email footer or on display in the workplace.


The cost is dependant on the number of users that require access to the training.

£30 per user

10% discount

15% discount

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How to access

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  • Pay instantly online.
  • Pay for one licence or multiple licenses in one transaction.
  • Manage multiple learners through a dedicated portal.
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Try our full or half day face-to-face Deaf awareness course. You can take part at our head office in Liverpool or enquire about joining us remotely over Zoom.

This course is suitable for people who have not undertaken any previous Deaf Awareness training, as well as those who have completed our online Deaf Awareness course. Send up to 16 members of staff to us, and they could become Deaf ambassadors for your organisation. Meet our Deaf trainers and see how they work with their Access to work BSL interpreters, and test your lip reading skills in these interactive and fun workshops.

You can also take one of our Signature accredited British Sign Language courses in Liverpool, or we can point you in the direction of a provider in your local area.

Head Trainer at MSDP – Ian Cockburn